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Posted on 09-18-2017

Senior Pet Dangers From Your Braselton Veterinarian

Just as people undergo changes in their health as they grow older, so do our beloved animal companions. At Animal Emergency Care of Braselton, we are known in the community for the excellent standard of care that we provide to each senior pet that we treat and we are looking forward to helping you keep your aging pet healthy and happy too.

Senior Pet Dangers

When Is an Animal Considered to Be a Senior Pet?

As you raise your puppy to be a dog or your kitten to be a cat, keep in mind that pets are thought to be seniors when they reach the age of 6 to 8 years. Pets may not show obvious signs of aging and will change very gradually before your eyes. This is why it’s so important to bring your pets in for regular exams as they get on in years.

Pet Age-Related Issues to Be Aware Of

If you’ve never experienced a pet aging from the time it was young and small, it’s a good idea to be aware of some issues that may come up:

  • Weight changes
  • Changes in urinary or bowel habits
  • Issues with hearing
  • Problems with seeing
  • Changes in the skin or coat
  • Dental disease leading to diminished appetite or pain
  • Obvious pain or difficulty moving about because of arthritis

Senior Pet Exams

The vet will begin with a comprehensive physical examination and will consult with you to learn more about the daily habits of your dog or cat, including any symptoms you have been noticing lately.

Then it is time for a set of tests, which can include checking the animal’s hearing and sight, blood pressure, and urine and fecal material for analysis.

Each animal will have its own particular situation, but in general, your veterinarian will recommend that you bring your senior pet in for an examination twice a year. Only by arranging for regular pet exams can you detect emerging health problems at their earliest stage, when they are easier to treat.

If your pet is experiencing changes in weight, the vet can recommend nutritional supplements as well as advice on switching to a pet food formula designed for aging animals. We will also help you modify your pet’s exercise routine if more gentle activities are now called for.

Schedule an Appointment for Senior Pet Care with Your Braselton Veterinarian Today

Besides monitoring your pet at home for potential signs of declining health as the animal grows older, you’ll want to bring it in for wellness checks at least once a year, or at the schedule your vet determines would be best. For more information on senior pet care or to make an appointment with the veterinarian, please get in touch with Animal Emergency Care of Braselton today. If this is going to be your first visit to our facility, please remember to mention our new client special!

How old is your pet dog or cat and when did it become a part of your life? Let us know in the comments section below.


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