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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services from Your Braselton Veterinarian

Veterinarian and golden retriever dog, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services, Braselton Veterinarian

Handling an emergency situation for your dog or cat requires the appropriate tools and treatments for the specific injuries or illnesses that lead to medical concerns. At Animal Emergency Care of Braselton, we offer diagnostic and therapeutic services for pets. We recognize that you have concerns, so we use appropriate tools to evaluate the situation and then provide appropriate care for a pet.

What Are Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services?

Diagnostic and therapeutic services refer to the use of appropriate tools for emergency situations. Our diagnostic tools focus on identifying the cause of the problem, especially if it is not immediately visible. While certain injuries, like a cut or scrape, has a clear wound, other health concerns develop without any obvious reasons. Our diagnostic tools evaluate the situation and provide feedback that allows a veterinary professional to identify the problem and provide appropriate care and treatment.

Therapeutic services refer to the treatments we provide based on our diagnosis and the emergency. Our recommendations vary since each problem has a different underlying complication or risk. For example, we recommend appropriate medications for swelling or we provide oxygen when a pet shows signs of difficulty breathing. Our treatments depend on the underlying diagnosis, so we make suggestions based on the situation.

Recognizing Complications and Problems

Although a dog or cat requires treatment in any emergency situation, we also recognize the possibility of complications during treatment. For example, a surgical procedure has a risk of bleeding, even if the procedure is classified as a minor surgery. 

At our clinic, we take appropriate measures to protect the health and life of your pets. We inform pet owners about the possible risks and complications associated with a treatment plan and then follow through with appropriate measures to limit the risks while also protecting and healing an animal. 

Diagnostic tools allow us to recognize the problems associated with a health concern and then develop an appropriate plan of action in an emergency situation. Our therapeutic services focus on helping with the healing process after evaluating the situation and diagnosing the underlying health condition.

Treating Health Concerns

Our diagnosis allows us to develop a healthy treatment strategy without ignoring the potential risks of the treatment plan. We take measures to protect pets with appropriate treatments and services. The services use modern tools, medications and treatment strategies to encourage healing when pets visit our clinic for unexpected accidents or problems with health. 

We develop a plan of action after evaluating the situation and identifying the underlying cause of the injuries. We use medical advances to maintain a pet's health during the treatment process so that you feel comfortable with the treatment process.

Visit your Braselton Veterinarian

Accidents happen at unexpected times and require appropriate treatment from a veterinary professional. While the exact treatment plan depends on the needs of the animal, we take the time to diagnose the cause of the health concern. For more details about healing and protecting pets after an accident, contact us at (470) 209-7222 for an appointment.