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Emergency Surgical Procedures

If your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, do not hesitate to call our emergency animal hospital at (470) 209-7222 today!

Surgical Procedures in Braselton

When your pet needs surgical procedures in Braselton, you can expect high-quality care, including medical monitoring before, during and after surgery from our veterinarian staff.  Our emergency veterinarian Braselton will administer pet safe anesthesia and ECG monitoring.  We even offer oxygen therapy during and after surgery.

Cesarean Section

C-sections in dogs and cats are performed when the pet is having difficulty giving birth.  This is the surgical birth of your puppies or kittens in order to save the life of your pet and her litter.

Exploratory Laparotomy with our Emergency Veterinarian Braselton

veterinarian giving a dog a checkupExploratory Laparotomy is a surgery performed on your pet’s abdomen to locate the source of your pet’s discomfort.  During this surgery, our emergency veterinarian Braselton looks for abnormalities in the abdomen, foreign objects and infections.

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus is also known as bloat.  It most commonly occurs in dogs after large meals.  The condition causes the stomach to expand, cutting off blood flow to the lining of the stomach.  It can also prevent blood from circulating to and from the abdomen.  This condition can lead to the stomach twisting.  Surgery is performed to return the stomach to its proper position and relieve stomach bloating.

Gastrotomy/Gastrointestinal Foreign Body Removal

Cats and especially dogs tend to eat items are that not food, including small toys, plastic, strings, meat bones and trash.  These objects can get stuck in the stomach or intestinal tract, causing vomiting, diarrhea, pain and loss of appetite.  Surgery is performed to remove the object and restore your pet’s health.

Acute Abdomen Treatment

Acute Abdomen Treatment or Hemoabdomen is a surgery that is used to internal bleeding in the abdomen.  It most commonly occurs in dogs after a trauma, but can be due to cancer or another illness.  Surgery is used to remove the blood and stop the internal bleeding.


Anastomosis or Intestinal Resection is the removal of part of the intestine due to disease or illness.  It is most commonly performed on pets that have intestinal obstructions due to foreign objects or a severe trauma to the abdomen.

Wound Repair

Wound repairs are performed on pets with deep lacerations.  This most often involves cleaning and stitching the wound closed.

Proptosis / Prolapse Repair

Proptosis refers to the surgical repair of the eye that is caused by excessive pressure behind the eye.  This can occur from an injury or illness.  The surgery is performed to save your pet’s vision.


Pyometra refers to an infection in your pet’s uterus.  When your pet goes into heat, the uterus prepares for pregnancy.  If your dog or cat’s uterus does not shed the lining properly, infection can occur, resulting in the need for surgery.


A Splenectomy is the removal of the spleen due to injury or illness.

To contact us about your arrival or to schedule an appointment for urgent care, call us today at (470) 209-7222!