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How To Handle A Pet Being Hit By A Car

When a pet is hit by a car, you want to address the situation immediately. While seeing the accident may cause an emotional roller coaster, you always want to take measures to help your pet. 

How To Handle A Pet Being Hit By A Car

Why is the Accident an Emergency in Braselton?

When a pet is hit by a car, the accident is always an emergency in Braselton. The main reason you should always consider it an emergency is the risk of severe brain trauma, internal bleeding or other injuries that you may not notice initially. Internal bleeding and a brain injury can lead to serious health complications or even death without proper treatment.

Injuries that may occur from the accident include:

  • Broken bones
  • Internal and external bleeding
  • Injuries to the head, including brain trauma
  • Shock
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Injuries to the spinal cord
  • Injuries to internal organs

While the severity of an injury depends on the speed of the vehicle and your pet, the risk of severe injuries can occur in any situation. Always seek medical attention for your pet if you see him or her get hit by a car or notice injuries to your pet that suggest a high-speed injury.

What Should You Do?

The actions you want to take when an animal is injured by a vehicle depend on the situation. If your dog or cat is in the middle of a busy road, then wait for traffic to stop or slow before entering the street. If necessary, call emergency services to inform them of the situation. Do not take a risk with your health while helping your pet.

Bring your pet to Animal Emergency Care of Braselton for immediate treatment. Limit the animal's movements during the trip to prevent further injuries and speak calmly to your pet. If necessary, use a clean bandage against any open wounds and to stop bleeding. Do not use any medications or attempt to clean the injury before seeking veterinary help.

Seeking Emergency Care for an Animal

Always seek emergency care for an animal after an accident with a vehicle. Do not wait for treatment since some symptoms may not arise until later. Even if your pet seems fine after the incident, he or she may develop internal bleeding or may have other internal injuries that impact his or her health. A veterinarian can check for internal injuries and provide effective treatment based on the situation.

You also want to seek treatment for any broken bones, external bleeding or the shock an animal may exhibit after the accident. We help with the symptoms, health risks and situation after identifying the injuries.

Watching a dog or cat get hit by a motor vehicle is a difficult situation. He or she may get up and walk on or may have serious injuries that require immediate treatment. At our clinic, we help you in an emergency situation and address the injuries related to the accident. To learn more about emergencies, call 470-209-7222 today.