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Oxygen Support for Emergency Veterinary Care in Braselton

Just as human beings need oxygen during surgery or certain illnesses or when injured, so do our dog and cat pets. But the use of oxygen for an animal is not yet widely available. Here at Animal Emergency Care of Braselton, oxygen support is part of our advanced emergency treatments and a tool that can make the difference in your pet’s survival. Read on to learn more about the life-saving benefits of oxygen support.

What Is Oxygen Support?

Oxygen support is an advanced critical care treatment that might very well make the difference in life and death. We use it, and it is effective in treating most of the emergencies we deal with. We use specially designed oxygen masks in different sizes that fit right over your pet’s muzzle. The animal will receive breathing relief from the high quality of oxygen they receive. Today, more and more emergency vehicles such as fire engines and ambulances are carrying oxygen masks for pets that have been injured or become fire victims.

When Is Oxygen Support Used?

The most obvious use of oxygen support is when the pet is having difficulty breathing. Any time the dog or cat experiences respiratory distress, he or she needs oxygen therapy. We also use oxygen support for trauma when swelling is involved. In addition, oxygen helps alleviate the devastating symptoms that occur when pets have been hit by a car, bitten by poisonous snakes, or have a severe infection. In general, it serves to stabilize the animal’s overall condition.

Emergency Surgical Procedures

As an emergency veterinary hospital, we often perform serious and complex surgery on our patients. The use of oxygen is a critical component to the success of these surgeries. Some of these surgeries include performing Cesarean sections, doing exploratory laparotomies, finding causes of stomach bloat, removing blockages and foreign bodies, finding and stopping abdominal bleeding, performing intestinal resection, repairing serious wounds, and removing the spleen when necessary.

Other Uses

Not only is oxygen support effective in the surgical suite, we also use it for many other purposes. We have had great success using oxygen therapy for serious conditions, including sepsis, hyperthermia, pleural diseases, congestive heart failure, shock, seizures, pulmonary conditions and head trauma. The reason it helps with the pet’s recovery of these illnesses is because it helps to stabilize the animal so we can then delve further in our testing.

Are There Any Risks?

Since our Braselton veterinarian is highly trained and an expert in administering oxygen therapy, the risks to any animal are low. The one consideration, however, is that the pet must be carefully weaned off the oxygen to avoid adverse effects.

As your emergency veterinarian in Braselton, we are poised to provide your pet with the utmost in advanced critical care, including oxygen support, which could make the difference between life and death.

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