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Unconsciousness in Your Pet Can Be An Alarming Experience

Seeing your dog or cat become unconscious can be an extremely upsetting experience. Such an event has thrown many a loving pet owner into a state of panic. But times like these require clear thinking to get your pet to an emergency veterinary care clinic immediately to diagnose and treat the underlying problem. It may be that the cause of the unconsciousness is obvious, such as an accident or a fight with another animal. At other times, the cause may not be known, as this is a situation in which an emergency care vet can use their knowledge and experience to get to the source. Animals can experience varying degrees of unconsciousness. In some cases, you may be able to rouse the animal by applying an external stimulus, such as a cold cloth or touching. However, in some cases, the animal may not be able to be roused.

Unconsciousness Veterinary emergency from Animal Emergency Care of Braselton

Common Causes of Unconsciousness in Pets

A dog or cat can become unconscious due to a number of circumstances. Being hit by a car can cause severe head injuries or damage to organs that can lead to unconsciousness. Blood pressure problems and blood sugar problems can also cause unconsciousness. Brain disease or seizures can lead to an unconscious animal. If your pet has ingested a drug or toxic chemical, they may become unconscious. Severe infections can also cause unconsciousness. Because so many conditions can lead to a lapse in consciousness, you need a trained veterinary specialist to diagnose the problem as quickly as possible. A variety of diagnostic tests may be used to determine what is going on inside the animal’s body. X-rays can provide information on obvious structural problems. Chemical analysis of blood and urine provides precise data on the function of internal organs. The results of these tests help the vet to determine the animal’s condition.

Emergency Care For Your Pet

When emergencies occur after normal office hours, your usual vet may not be available. An emergency veterinary clinic has the diagnostic equipment and specialized training that can determine your pet’s injuries or illness, so that appropriate treatment can begin immediately. Whether the problem is an open wound, breathing problem, broken bones or an unknown illness, your emergency care vet can help provide the right remedy.

Animal Emergency Care of Braselton Can Help Your Cat or Dog

Animal Emergency Care of Braselton can help animals who have been hit by a car, ingested a poison, broken a bone, is bleeding profusely, has gastrointestinal distress, is straining to urinate, has trouble breathing, has had a seizure or has become unconscious. We provide laboratory services, x-rays, electrocardiograms, oxygen support, surgery and pharmacy services for needed medications. We pride ourselves on providing professional, compassionate care for all types of animals. Contact Animal Emergency Care of Braselton today at (470) 209-7222 to learn how we can help your pet during a veterinary emergency.