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Physical Trauma

When you bring a pet to Animal Emergency Care of Braselton due to a traumatic injury, you want to understand what to expect from the treatment. At our clinic, we take measures to help your dog or cat after a physical trauma occurs to limit the risk of complications and to help with a pet's ability to continue his or her natural lifespan.

Physical Trauma Braselton Animal Emergency Care

What is a Physical Trauma in Braselton?

A physical trauma in Braselton refers to an injury to a dog or cat's body. It may stem from an accident or a fight between pets. The key factor is the impact on a pet's physical well-being. Generally, you will notice blood or broken skin. It may also relate to broken bones in the case of certain accidents or situations.

When an animal goes through a severe injury or was bitten by another animal, you want to seek immediate emergency care for your pet. Since the injuries may lead to infections, complications or health risks, early treatment allows a veterinary professional to evaluate the risks and provide proper care. We may suggest surgical treatments, emergency stitches or other strategies to help your pet heal. In the case of animal bites, we may also suggest the use of certain vaccines to limit the risks of health complications.

When is an Injury Considered an Emergency

It is obvious that certain injuries are not an emergency. A minor scratch from a cat or a small scrape does not usually require medical attention unless you notice signs of an infection or more serious symptoms of a problem. 

In most cases, it is an emergency if your pet is showing signs of severe pain, is bleeding or has signs of serious physical injuries from an accident. You pet may not be breathing or may show signs of difficulty breathing due to internal injuries. Always seek treatment if you suspect an internal injury from an accident, even if you do not see any blood or signs of a broken bone.

What to do in an Emergency

Regardless of the situation, call a veterinary professional at our clinic to inform us of the emergency. We recognize that emergency care may occur at any time of the day or night and have solutions to help with your concerns. 

Keep your pet calm from the time you notice the injuries. Talk quietly to your dog or cat in a calm tone. Do not raise your voice or panic, since it may cause your pet to panic as well. Do not try to clean an injury personally. Instead, use a clean bandage or cloth if you notice bleeding and press gently on the wound to help slow the bleeding. Visit our clinic immediately to clean and manage the injuries. We discuss the cause of your pet's injuries before recommending a treatment process.

When you suspect a broken bone, seek treatment and keep your pet calm. You may need to assist an animal into your vehicle to visit our clinic, but you should always seek treatment if you notice signs of pain or discomfort.

Emergency care plays a key role in keeping your pets healthy and active while they age. If you have concerns about a pet due to an accident or injury, then seek treatment from a veterinarian to limit the risks. To learn more about emergency treatments available at our clinic or to set up an appointment in Braselton, call (470) 209-7222 today.